“Riptide is more than a gym… It’s a family. It’s a place where I feel welcome. It’s brought me back to my favorite sport and I get to enjoy it with my son. I couldn’t ask for a better place with better people. Instruction is top notch and environment is fun with lots of high level guys helping you along the way”
– Erik and Aidin Levy

“Walking into my first class at Riptide BJJ was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I didn’t want to be a fighter and I was not looking to be in the UFC, but I wanted to learn a skill that would help me in situations of everyday life and get me into incredible shape. Riptide has helped me accomplish both. The skills and techniques I am learning everyday have given me a confidence I couldn’t find anywhere else and has helped me get into he best shape of my life. The true bonus- my son saw the change I was going through and the fun I was having and wanted it for himself. We now do it together and have found a terrific sport we both love and bond over.”
– Chris Senard

Let me start out by saying that Riptide BJJ is a great place to train, if you are living in or visiting the coastal region of Delaware. Whenever I am in the area, I always stop in to train there. The academy is filled with great training partners that are both skilled and friendly to outsiders. The head instructor, Shawn Bodio, is a first-class guy, who knows his way around the mat and he has a very good style of teaching that translates well over to his students. I have trained with him several times and he has a deep understanding about BJJ and all of the various situations one can find themself in during competition. Not only does he care about his students development, he has also proven that he can produce champions in our sport. I would highly recommend Shawn and Riptide BJJ to anyone interested in training BJJ and at a first-rate academy. – Dave Hertzog BJJ Black Belt/3x No-Gi Mundial Medalist
Head Instructor, Ocean City BJJ

I was in the area, on vacation, and Riptide BJJ welcomed me to train with them. It was a friendly, clean, and professional place to practice with passionate students of all ages. Everyone was very respectful and worked hard to improve their technique. Shawn runs a well organized program for beginners, as well as advanced belts. I feel fortunate to have such a nice facility to come to when I am at the beach.  – Keith Walls
Black Belt Maguilla BJJ and Combat Clubp

Rip Tide is a great place for beginners! Rip Tide has a very friendly, encouraging atmosphere and the time spent in class is very fun.  It is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the sport. I enjoyed having the chance to train with new friends that had great attitudes. Each student at Rip Tide understands the importance of showing friendship and respect to their training partners. I had the opportunity to train with Shawn, the head instructor, who has a lot to teach anyone. I found that I had the best of both worlds because I was able to train hard with big, tough guys and I was also able to train lightly with the same guys. It’s good to have training partners that know when to turn it up but also when to train easy. – Chris Crooke, Maui Jiu Jitsu

I really appreciate having a place at the beach to learn BJJ. We don’t have much in the way of different styles of martial arts exposure; so to finally get a place to learn jiu jitsu is great. I enjoy learning the moves and being able to work at my own pace. I’m not comfortable on a level to want to compete in tournaments yet, but Shawn and everyone at Rip Tide work with each other to help one another out. If you’re looking to perfect some of the moves and get the basics, they’ll go slow. If you’re looking for a sparring partner of sorts to roll with, you’ve got that option too. I’ve gotten the exercise benefit out of Rip Tide, but also the satisfaction in knowing that I can learn the moves and be comfortable with my ability level and not have to feel like I’m playing catch up. I can’t always make sessions so when I do get the chance, it’s a great experience and pretty addicting to learn the different submissions and guard techniques.  – Keith White, Rip Tide BJJ

I joined the class with a couple of major goals in mind.  Like most adult males in their fifties each year I found that I added one, two or three pounds of weight.  In just two months I have lost in excess of twenty pounds with the added benefit of my family physician eliminating one prescription drug from my daily regimen.  The other goal was to increase my cardio-vascular endurance. This goal caused some apprehension not due to my health but my age with acceptance into a group in which the average age is in the mid-twenties.  This concern was entirely unfounded. During the first few weeks I would have to step back and rest sometimes during an incredible workout. The relaxed atmosphere enabled me to gradually progress and now I’m at the point that I can keep up with everyone else in the class.  An unexpected benefit is that this is the best stress reliever since Valium. Absolutely nothing gets under my skin at work. I intend to continue the class so I can stabilize my weight and improve my muscle tone. Hopefully a couple more prescription drugs will also be eliminated. – Mike K., Rip Tide BJJ

Rip Tide BJJ is a very nice and professional organization. I have traveled all around the East coast and Midwest visiting BJJ schools while on business or personal trips and usually I am very cautious when sparring with new persons.  The owner and members of Rip Tide were very easy going and accommodating to this traveler making me feel right at home also the facility is easy to find and in a nice location. If you are in Sussex County Delaware, Rip Tide is a must stop. The camaraderie of Rip Tide BJJ was outstanding; being a visitor to the school the owner and members made it very easy to train. The instruction was very good, teaching modern aspects of BJJ positions with attention to detail.  The lesson that I attended had been taught to me before but I was able to pick 1-2 valuable tips. Thanks Rip Tide BJJ.  – Frank Cherrix, South Side Jiu Jitsu Club

I really like doing jiu jitsu and it’s an excellent all out workout. Brazilian jiu jitsu at Rip Tide is great! I enjoy learning the awesome techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu . Also it’s a pleasure working out with all the guys there and learning a submission from all different angles of the body!  It’s great! I still need a lot of more training but I’m working out also at home. I learned so much from training at Rip Tide. It’s such a opportunity to learn such an art of this type. I’ve noticed the weight loss, and my body changing a lot.  Also I just love learning submission from the guard position. I would have to say the triangle is my strongest submission from guard. I’m working out and studying a lot more from that position. Also I just need to learn more sweeps from a lot of positions from the ground. Everything else is great!  Thank you for the opportunity to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. – Tzanos Tsolakis, Rip Tide BJJ

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